Equinox is your outsourced real estate and facilities department for businesses of all sizes and stages of growth. If you are moving, expanding – or starting fresh with a new business -- you need the right space, custom fit to your requirements. Look to our experienced project team to develop and drive your initiative, whether a property buy, remodeling or complete build from the ground up. From crowd-pleasing retail locations that rivet shoppers -- to high-rise offices that inspire productivity and exude your brand-- we develop it all with care, discipline and a sharp eye for detail. We’re known for our high level of client service and tried-and-trusted project management methodologies. Our experts will take care of your entire project from start to finish, ensuring maximum cost efficiencies and peace of mind.


The success of your build, move, or renovation rests squarely on the strength of your project management. Without solid planning and detailed coordination, you run the risk of missing targets, being late on timelines and running over budget. This is where we excel.

Equinox prides itself on project excellence, employing a rigorous 6-step process that includes intensive client intake, listing of detailed program requirements and producing comprehensive, updatable documentation to keep everyone accountable. You’ll also have dedicated project managers checking in regularly with progress update.


We are one of the few development companies that also actively oversee the entire construction process for you. Your dedicated Equinox project manager will ensure you are in good hands, managing changes on the fly, alerting you to any issues – and keeping work teams and specialists on track to deliver a quality build, remodel or renovation in the agreed timelines.


Finding the perfect space for sale or lease is not always a fast and easy process. Locating the right building, property or available land requires the specialized skills of our commercial real estate experts. We listen to your needs, tap into our wide commercial realty networks, and carefully source the highest quality property or lot that best meets your requirements, timelines and budget – and business goals.

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Equinox Development Inc. is a single source project management, construction management and real estate company